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Grilled smoked pork tenderloin served with a red wine reduction toasted

102 CZK

Roasted sausages on black beer, bread

88 CZK

Home-made, delicious venison pâté decorated with cranberries, served in glass, roasted toast

98 CZK

Mix of high quality cheesy cheeses, loaded with red pepper, colored pepper and onion, served in glass, pastry 120 g

128 CZK

Homemade potato fried chips with BBQ , Swiet chilli sauce

92 CZK


Hearty beef broth with julienne vegetables, meat and noodles 0, 33l

44 CZK

Goulash of venison 0, 33l

48 CZK


Deer meat on a needle, interlaced with fresh vegetables, topped with green pepper sauce 200 g

320 CZK

Deer goulash with bread dumplings 200 g

196 CZK

Deer fillets with cranberry sauce 200 g

318 CZK

Deer steak with plum sauce 200 g

322 CZK

Boar rosemary steak with mushroom sauce 200 g

280 CZK

Schnitzel from a wild pig with boiled potatoes and lemon 200 g

238 CZK


Sirloin with cream roll with beef roller, cranberry and dumplings 150 g

188 CZK

Pork knee, slowly baked after Old Czech 2 kg

 268 CZK 

Slowly baked beef ribs served with horseradish apple mayonnaise, toasted bread 700 g

238 CZK

Home-style half roast duck with red sauerkraut and a selection of dumplings

258 CZK

Pork roast with cabbage, bread dumplings 200 g

196 CZK

Pork schnitzel with boiled potatoes and lemon 200 g

188 CZK

Salmon on grill served on hot salad of baby spinach, topped with lime sauce 200 g

268 CZK

Beef steak of the right young sirloin 200 g

360 CZK

Steak tartare using young tender meat served with toast with garlic serviert mit Toast mit Knoblauch 150 g

198 CZK

Grilled pork tenderloin with green peppercorns, enhanced with cream 200 g

229 CZK

Grilled pork tenderloin with fried green beans with bacon 200 g

232 CZK

Three-gram pork neck steak served with fried onion, served with roasted bread 300 g

228 CZK

Chicken breast with baby spinach, rosemary and parmesan 200 g

228 CZK

Chicken schnitzel with boiled potatoes and lemon 200 g

168 CZK

Fried cheese with boiled potatoes and tartar sauce 200 g

158 CZK

PASTA 250 g

Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino

122 CZK

Spaghetti with chicken meat, baby spinach and cream

168 CZK

Spaghetti Carbonara 

148 CZK


Deer and wild boar meat on a needle, interlaced with fresh vegetables, topped with green pepper sauce 400 g

640 CZK

A pot with a permanent fire (pork knuckle 2 kg beef ribs 700 g, 400 g pork sausage 200 g) for 4 people

760 CZK

Mix grill (beef steak, pork steak, chicken steak) 600 g

660 CZK

Mix fried schnitzels banquet (wild boar, pork, pork, chicken) 800 g

880 CZK


Pepper, Mushroom, Cheese, Cranberry, Tartar, Plum, BBQ, Caesar dresing, Sweet chilli, Garlic dip

38 CZK


Caesar salad with chicken, roasted bacon and delicious dressing of anchovies, parmesan toast

186 CZK 

Vegetable salad with pieces of grilled salmon, fresh herbs and lime dressing

214 CZK

Vegetable salad with Balkan cheese

96 CZK


Mascarpone with blueberries, decorated with whipped cream

78 CZK

Strudel with whipped cream

58 CZK


Potato pancakes

46 CZK

Roast Grenaille

48 CZK

Boiled potatoes

38 CZK

Mashed potatoes with bacon and onions

44 CZK

French fries

42 CZK

Green beans with bacon

59 CZK

Grilled vegetables

86 CZK

Herb baguette

54 CZK

Venison menu

Zvěřinová paštika s brusinkami a opečeným toustem 100g
Home-made, delicious venison pâté decorated with cranberries, served in glass, roasted toast 100g

Zvěřinový mix grill, grilovaná zelenina, pečený brambor, švestkový dip 300g
Venison mix grill, grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes, plum dip 300g

Domácí štrůdl se šlehačkou 1 ks
Strudel with whipped cream 1 pc

                                                       780 Kč

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